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Ans: Everyone of any nationality around the world is welcome to join. We need as many people to Run For Singapore to help us reach the 570,000KM national distance goal by 30 September 2022.

Ans: Yes, you can add to cart all the categories that you wish to sign up and check out together. You can also use the same results for all the categories.

Yes, this year there is a leaderboard to acknowledge the top mileage contributors for Run For Singapore 2022.

Ans: You can log in to your Spacebib account to submit your results when the race period starts. You can log in to your Spacebib account via the web browser on your phone or computer easily. You can choose to upload your results progressively on a daily basis or upload a summary of your records at anytime during the race period.

Ans: For any order with a race singlet, we will sent out all the race items before 1 August. Otherwise, the race items will be sent out after the participant have completed the race. Please log in to your Spacebib account to view the delivery status and tracking number. This year all participants will receive their race items by 30 September regardless if they have completed the race or not. However, if you wish to receive your race items earlier, do complete the race as early as possible.

Ans: You can start to clock your run/walk activity from 1 August to 30 September 2022 at anywhere around the world. Do adhere to all safely measures.

You can choose to run, walk, cycle, swim or exercise outdoors or indoors. Any form of workout and sports are allowed too. Such as Yoga, skating, Crossfit and more.

Ans: You can use any running apps, health apps, step-trackers, smartwatches, treadmills or elliptical trainers to track your activity in steps, kilometers or calories. For details on how to submit your steps or calories results, please visit here.

Ans: No. You can break your activity in as many times(no limits) as you like at your own pace. All of your activities can be accumulated as multiple submissions of your results are allowed.

Ans: Yes, in fact we strongly encourage you to do so too. All mileage clocked by all the participants will be added together to reach our 570,000km nation distance goal.

Ans: We know that you are excited to start the race, however we will only able to upload your results from 1 August till the end of the race period. Only activities clocked during the race period will be eligible for upload.

Ans: You will find your previous participation records in the archived races in your account. You can reset your account password if you cannot log in to your account.

Ans: You can only sign up for a category once and you are unable to sign up for others using your own account. You are encouraged to ask the other party to sign up personally to ensure accountability and data integrity. Alternatively, you can create an account for the other participant using their email to sign up for them. Subsequently, the participant will have to log in to manage their account to upload their results personally. For corporate or group order, please contact us at

Ans: Yes, you can. Please contact us within 7 days of receiving the items at and we will guide you on the exchange process. Do note that exchange can only be done via post. Please make sure the item is in good condition with all the original packaging and tags still intact.

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